Last Updated: June 22, 2016
We would like to take this opportunity to put faces with names and introduce you to our staff here at Pillar. In addition, we would also like to let you know what we can do for you. We hope to hear from you soon!
Greg A. Pillar - Founder

With over 46 years of experience within the mining industry (including 13 years at Getman Corporation), Greg has an excellent knowledge of the parts and machines used. He has traveled underground to a variety of mines to broaden his knowledge and to meet customers as part of getting to know their needs and operations. He attends mining shows to meet current and new customers in order to gain a better insight on their ever-changing needs as well as to further his drive for exceptional customer service. He specializes in the hard to find parts and the rebuilding of parts and machines for customers. His extensive knowledge assists the company in meeting the demands of its customers by finding the parts they need or by fabricating replacements. He has been the driving force behind the success of Pillar Manufacturing by meeting the needs of customers and making them a level one priority. He has traveled both domestically and abroad to meet with customers and build up business relationships as well as to even hand deliver parts during extremely critical circumstances. He has designed multiple machines and rebuilt an even larger amount of them. Greg has managed Pillar Manufacturing's overall operations from the beginning and has overseen its growth in to what it is today.

Susan M. Dooley - Sales Administrator / Office Manager

Susan has over 18 years of experience with the company. She has worked her way from the bottom up and now currently manages the office and many of its critical operations. She oversees the daily operations of the Sales, Purchasing and Accounting teams as they work to serve our customers and their needs. Susan specializes in all Letters of Credit for customers overseas and provides excellent customer service to her all of her customers both domestically and internationally. Susan's travel, also domestically and abroad, has helped her to develop a stronger business relationship with customers and provided her with the knowledge of how to better meet the needs of all customers. Her attendance at mining shows strengthens her business relationships and provides her insight on the current needs of customers.

Jason LaMere - Inside Sales Representative

Jason specializes in the hard to find parts through his technical ability. He strives to put his customers as a priority and provide the best customer service he can for each of his customers.

Teresa Brown - Inside Sales Representative

Teresa specializes in customer service to put all her customers internationally and domestically at the top of the priority. Her knowledge and understanding of parts grow daily and her enthusiasm to quote her customers in a timely manner is very prevalent.

Christopher Schmitt - Research and Engineering Team Leader

Chris comes from a strong background in supply accountability and information accuracy. He is responsible for maintaining our database of over 400,000 (and growing) part numbers in order to assist the sales team in the ability to locate parts in our inventory both easily and accurately for our customers. Chris also works with the inventory team to cross research and identify parts that are acquired through inventory acquisitions. This detailed position keeps Pillar Manufacturing at the forefront of identifying parts and stocking commonly used parts to better supply our customers. His skills and knowledge are an integral part of day to day operations within the company.

Beth A. Pillar - Accounting

Beth is the head of all AR / AP procedures and operations. Her knowledge of all aspects of payments, both incoming and outgoing, makes her the main point of contact for the account statuses for customers and suppliers.

Debra Klimach - Accounting and Inventory Assistant

Once the former receptionist, Debra is in charge of the data entry for the entire inventory throughout the company. She handles payments that come in and maintains regular contact with customers regarding payments and account balances. Debra also assists in the AR / AP to help ensure that payments are applied accurately. With over 10 years of experience with the company, Debra is an important part of the team and continues to help maintain the pillars in which the company was founded upon.


Scott T. Pillar - Vice President

Scott's experience with the company started at a young age. He began working in the shop well over 20 years ago and has developed a detailed knowledge of the parts and machines used in the mining industry both domestically and internationally. His visits to mine sites and travel underground have furthered his knowledge and business relationships within the industry. He has spent uncountable hours learning all aspects of the company operations and customer needs to drive his desire to provide unmatched customer service. His travel domestically and abroad has also assisted in developing close business relationships with our ever-growing customer base. Although his specialty is rebuilding parts and machines, his ever-growing knowledge allows him to assist the sales team in our efforts to meet our customer's demands and needs for parts. His passion and desire to continue the Pillar Manufacturing tradition of exceeding customer expectations is evident among the staff at Pillar Manufacturing. He is continuously looking for better ways to serve our customers for the mining generations yet to come.


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